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Quality Control

We are specialized in providing a quality product/service which has multiple competitive advantages. It is important to provide a quality product/service for a reasonable price and we have no match in that. We offer a good product/service for a good price. Following are the benefits:

  1. Clear Project Definition: The most crucial stage of product development start with project definition. Where most of the vendors try to impose the projects those are made for other clients who will eventually lead to client dissatisfaction. We focus on delivering uniquely designed projects for individual clients. We do use ready module and codes to avoid remaking the same but never serve our clients anything undesirable.
  2. Requirement Analysis and System Design by Experts: Preference will always be given on the expert work done by the young developers on requirement analysis and system design over to maintain the higher level of accuracy and standard. Certain demerits of inefficient developer’s projects are listed below

    a.    Usually, the project comes delayed despite the developer’s effort
    b.    Many important elements will be missed out
    c.    Developers will be reluctant of including new feature even for extra pay
    d.    Error fixing will take longer duration
    e.    Numerous problems will keep on occurring leading to an unstable system
    f.    Incorporating new features will be expensive once after the site is live
    g.    It’s very difficult to manage a site for a new programmer

    You will never have to face such problem if the Web Application is developed by us.
  3. Innovative Web Templates  by a Graphics Designer :  A uniquely designed site template is really going to make a significant difference for the user. It is recommended to prepare templates for each page separately. If the template is not a unique one and copied from another similar template then some major issues can be developed

    a.    The site may look similar to other websites from which the HTML was copied
    b.    Some issues related to SEO might appear
    c.    The copies layout might have some flaws and probably lack perfection
    A website develops by us is always custom made and will never face such issues.
  4. MCV Architecture with Multilayer Security:   It is impossible to quickly build a website without architecture. That is why a proper architectural structure is needed for reusing the same chunk of code and same set of data in multiple sections of a large application. To keep display and logic layer separate, we use our own MVC architecture. Without affecting the basic logic the look can also be changed. The logic may need to be changed over the time as with the changes of business. The benefit of using architecture is to be able to change in one place, which will be affected on site wide. Another prominent benefit of the architecture is that it allows incorporating new modules into the system without rewriting entirely and without paying excessively.
  5. Ensure Quality Coding: : Our developers would always maintain the benchmark by maintaining the following qualities while coding for your requirements:

    The architecture is encrypted with a custom password system and has multiple security layers. Because of the security flaw in the application, distinct from many open source framework the site will not be seen as a hacked one in Google.

    a.    Architecture Maintained- In order to reduce error and improve change flexibility, the Architecture maintained code plays an important part.
    b.    Proper coding convention- This particular facility of coding enables the process of changes easier and less expensive.
    c.    Properly Indented and Clean Code-  Properly Indented and clean code deliberately help the future developer to understand the code which invariably reduces the cost.
    d.    Non Redundant Codes / Data-  When changes are made in one section, this helps in preventing the chances of generating errors in another.    
    e.    No hard coding -  It is not necessary to open 1000 files to individually edit them to make the desired changes.
    f.    Hack Proof Code -  The site is hack proof and disables all the attempts of injecting code through a form, session or any other methods.
  6. Formal Quality Review & Testing:  The products we deliver goes through multiple testing and reviews to prevent common errors in programming, errors in designing, data errors and security errors, apart from developers unit testing. The tests for the projects are absolutely free of cost even after coded by experienced developers. Our experienced team of developers is trained to identify any errors and fix them accordingly.
  7. UAT Testing & Fixings:  During this stage, the clients still can avail the facility to raise the request for certain changes. The changes will be entertained without paying any extra charges.
  8. Live Testing during Warranty Period:  The test runs are initiated once after the site goes live. During the testing period on the live server, there are always certain possibilities to encounter certain errors in PHP/MySQL/Apache environment. We understand your need and address it accordingly.
  9. Ensure Quality In the Long Term:   Once the site is up and running, the clients still need the support from us for various reasons. The client might want some specific changes catering to the needs of the business. New issues relating to the server or change in server might come up and require to be fixed immediately. We would love to be associated with our clients for a longer duration that too for a reasonable price. Our support team is always available to sort out any issues you come across and we guarantee the charges will be much lesser compared to others.


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Unlike most of the web designing companies and service provides, we do not use any automated software to analyze and provide website performance report.

We believe in the advancement of the web designing industry and aware of fastest growing technologies, so we strengthen our base with the same. We are here to help you to grow and imbibe success in your business. We would love to provide you the best possible solution available in the market fulfilling your requirements.