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Personalised SEO Services

We provide personalized SEO services for your site.  This SEO team is led by one of our director who is in the field for last 10 years.  We will give a comprehensive solution for your website that will help your site to rank at the top of the search engines.

No two websites are same in the world. The SEO strategy can't be the same for two serious websites. Packaged SEO services are fine for a start up website. But it is often risky for a moneymaking website. Because these are normally done by fresh people who often do mistakes that do more harms than benefits. They often use software that is compatible with old Google algorithm.  They often submit a link at a link farm which has been penalized by Google. They often put to many keywords on a page that makes it a spam.

How do we do it - The SEO Process

  • Analyze your website layout, page structure and your business
  • Formulate a comprehensive solution as per budget and as per latest SE algorithm. The solution may contain hiring 3rd party expert services too.
  • Implement the plan over a period of time.  The plan normally includes following

    o    Keyword research
    o    Creation of title and Meta tags
    o    HTML cleanup
    o    Meta Tag Optimization (Title, Description, Keyword tags)
    o    Image Alt Tag optimization
    o    HTML optimization in the content headlines and links
    o    Content Optimization.
    o    Suggestion for Internal link structure.
    o    Creating the right robots.txt
    o    Creation of sitemap.xml
    o    Submission to Google and Yahoo sitemaps
    o    Submission to white listed directories manually
    o    Posting of articles & blogs
    o    Account creation in social networking sites
    o    Activities in Social Networking Sites
    o    Regular maintenance
    o    Regular Monitoring & Reporting
    o    React as per feedback and reports

Normally it takes at least 6 months to take effect for a new site SEO. However for an old site the effect are likely to be quicker.

What does it Cost?

It varies depending on the solution, duration and size of your website. We charge for the experts' hours we spend or we will spend.  

You can't hire a SEO executive alone. You have to hire a combination of services provided by a SEO consultant and by a SEO executive. The consultant will plan the solution and look after the overall activities. The executive will do all the dirty routine jobs that will actually make the difference.  Here are the prices.  These prices combine services by both consultant and executive.

Sl Type Cost
1. Monthly full Dedicated  (160 hours) $800
2. Monthly Half Dedicated  (80 hours) $450
3. Monthly 1/3rd  Dedicated (53 hours) $300
4. Monthly 1/4th  Dedicated (40 hours) $250
5. Daily (8 Hours) $60
6. Hourly $10

Why Hire Us

Here are some solid reasons reasons

  • Since our specialists work from India, you can avail the services at more reasonable prices
  • Unlike other packaged SEO service provider we do not leave the SEO to a 1 to 2 years experienced SEO people.
  • We use real expert for formulating the solutions and monitor the SEO executives works
  • We do not use submission through submissions. So no fear of being caught by google.
  • We formulate personalized solutions right for your site on the basis of latest google algorithm. It will work.


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Unlike most of the web designing companies and service provides, we do not use any automated software to analyze and provide website performance report.

We believe in the advancement of the web designing industry and aware of fastest growing technologies, so we strengthen our base with the same. We are here to help you to grow and imbibe success in your business. We would love to provide you the best possible solution available in the market fulfilling your requirements.